Below is the list of conferences that I attended during my research and industry work


Live Panel Discussion: AI in Healthcare: Opportunities, Challenges, and Ethical Dimensions

    Description: Panel discussion organized by Toptal. It aims to delve into the significant impact of AI in healthcare, covering real-world applications, ethical considerations, and the future of healthcare innovation through expert insights and interactive Q&A sessions​.

    Link: Link

    Place: Online

    Date: December 2023

    What I did: One of the panelist talking about DNA/RNA seqeuencing technologies in AI and discussing about the etthical backgrounds of AI in Healthcare

Slush 2023

    Description: Slush is a startup and tech event held annually in Helsinki, Finland. Slush facilitates meetings between the founders of startups and investors such as venture capitalists, accomplished with events such as matchmaking and pitching competitions.

    Link: Link

    Place: Helsinki, Finland

    Date: November 2023

    What I did: Participated in a panel discussion about AI adoption in the startup world with Adrián González Sánchez and Jaime De Mora

Toptal Global Developer Conference

    Description: Developer focused conference to present and discuss latest improvements in new and excitings topics in AI, ML, BigData, DevOps …

    Link: Link

    Place: Online

    Date: October 2023

    What I did: Presented a talk about introduction to machine learning from a non-technical point of view

    Presentation: Link

    Video Presentation: Watch here

Big Data & AI Day Paris

    Description: Showcased as an Artificial Intelligence specialist at the Toptal pavilion, I engaged in insightful dialogues about AI/ML initiatives with professionals keen on integrating such advancements into their enterprises.

    Link: Link

    Place: France, Paris

    Date: September 2023

    What I did: Discussion with industry leaders and keep entrepenuers to talk about ways to integrate AI into their businesses

Lean AI Workshop

    Description: A more casual workshop to present and discuss work being done on this project ( including my thesis). This should have the most general overview of my work during the PhD

    Link: N/A

    Place: France, Paris

    Date: July 2022

    What I did: Presented my work during the PhD so far

    Presentation: Link

GDR IM (Informatique Mathématique) 2022

    Description (FR): Les journées JNIM (Journées Nationales de l’Informatique Mathématique) sont organisées chaque année par le GDR IM (Informatique Mathématique). C’est un lieu d’information et d’échange annuel entre chercheurs de la discipline et, tout particulièrement, entre chercheurs du GDR.

    Link: https://webtv.univ-lille.fr/grp/601/jnim-2022-journees-nationales-du-gdr-im/

    Place: France, Lile

    Date: March 2022

    What I did: Presented my poster on custom neural network quantization

    Poster: Link

PEMWN 2021

    Description: The 10Th IFIP/IEEE International Conference On Performance Evaluation And Modeling In Wired And Wireless Network

    Link: https://sites.google.com/view/pemwn2021/program

    Place: Online

    Date: November 2021

    What I did: Presented my paper on Neural Network Offloading

    Presentation: Link

    Video Presentation: Watch here